The time has come for us to CNTRL/ALT/GENDER.

Why does fashion today still rely on outmoded concepts, ideas, and representations of gender? The gender binary is so #tbt and yet people still think that gendering clothing is acceptable! Gender is not clothing, it's something way more complex. 

For us, as gender nonconforming artists, our work is not trying to produce new names for gender.  The goal is not simply acceptance of trans people, but liberation for everyone from the risky/boring confines of the gender binary.

It’s reductive to call a piece of clothing, or a person for that matter, masculine or feminine.  We envision a world where people don’t feel the need to speculate on Jaden Smith’s identity because one day he chooses to wear a dress, and where people aren’t attacked on the street for being perceived as “men in dresses." We envision a world where we encourage and celebrate one another's expansiveness and creativity. We envision a world where we can whatever the hell we want!

What’s more, what happened to playfulness in fashion?  Androgyny doesn’t have to mean masculine and white and greyscale. We want to embody the bizarre, peculiar, childlike, alien possibilities of transgressive fashion. 

When we say “trans” we mean “transcendent”; 

when we say “gender” we mean “fiction”; 

when we say “beauty” we mean “beyond binaries”. 

Let’s play with all of it.

Ace Hotel supported this project, the creation of a non-binary fashion zine during New York Fashion Week.  
 Photos are taken on site at the Ace and around.  Hope you enjoy. 

(info on clothing & accessory designers forthcoming in zine)